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We focus on providing bird guard, as a top rated bird control kingsburg company. Pigeons can spread disease. Their droppings can destroy buildings and they carry other pests including fleas, lice, mites, and ticks

Pigeons congregate under solar panels, in eaves, windowsills, ceilings and attic spaces. Pigeon droppings and feathers can also clog rain gutters and cause structural damage to your property if left untreated.

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Our professional team uses humane practices and products to rid your home or business of these intruders.

How to Deter Pigeons

There are many humane options for deterring pigeons from landing or nesting. It is important to do a good clean-up of any bird droppings or nesting materials before any product is installed.

Modifying their habitat
  • Install Bird Netting or Solar Critter Guard to block pigeons from getting back to the area they have chosen to roost, perch or nest. If you make affected areas inaccessible, the birds will be forced to move on to a new location.
  • Bird Spikes and Optic Gel Repellent are effective on ledges, window sills, roof lines, eaves, and other areas pigeons have decided to land.
  • Use a physical bird deterrent such as the repeller 360, bird spiders, or solar bird repeller to keep pigeons off of concentrated areas such as AC units, light posts and other areas.

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